Piera Anna Franini hails from Bergamo, but resides in Milan.

She holds three bachelor’s degrees, all which are summa cum laude:

  • Pedagogy, University of Brescia
  • Philosophy, University of Milan
  • Piano, Conservatory of Music

Anna has participated in piano competitions, winning two second places and three third places. For several years she was a concert pianist.

She is a regular contributor to:

  • il Giornale
  • Forbes
  • Vanity Fair
  • Word Excellence
  • Klassisk Musikkmagasin (N) e Swiss Style (CH)

Anna has worked with Rai, Uno and Radio Tre, as well as Sky. Anna has met and written about celebrities, political dignitaries, business leaders. She has reported worldwide, from the USA and Canada to China and Australia, from Eastern and Northern European countries to the Middle East (EAU, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, and Syria), and Russia.

The places are described through nature, urban landscape, the faces and the stories of the people and artistic expressions.

il Giornale


Anna has been a contributor to the Culture, Current and Foreign Affairs pages with interviews, correspondences from abroad and investigative pieces since 1996. Features – in particular, the full page profiles on Mondays – often re-run by international press.



Being a champion of the Italian spirit, it was only natural for Anna Franini to collaborate with Forbes: the magazine that tells beautiful narratives about Italy, a country that stands out in many sectors.

Vanity Fair


Anna’s contribution to the magazine begins in January 2008 with an article on Lang Lang, the pianist who played at the Beijing Olympics. Other exclusive interviews follow.

World Excellence


The magazine dedicated to finance, insurance companies and businesses operating in the global challenge. 20% of Fortune 500 companies are top clients

Deluxe Pad


Anna’s collaboration with the magazine and DeluxePad (intended for 48% of Euro-pean private jets) takes off following an interview with Michael Mauer, Chief Designer at Porsche.

Rai: Rai Uno

In recent times Anna has worked with: Rai Uno Rai Radio Tre

Rai: Radio Tre

Anna Franini has been a guest of programs curated by Patrizia Todaro with correspondences from the Baltics.

Klassisk Musikkmagasin


It is the go-to music magazine in Norway. Anna Franini contributes to every issue.